Provide Sustained Superior Support to our First Responders and Military Heroes. image

Provide Sustained Superior Support to our First Responders and Military Heroes.

Provide families a custom Memorial Flag for every Fallen First Responder taken in the line of duty. Your support directly impacts family team building events, mentorship programs and equipment purchases for those starting their next chapter in life.

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We are committed to lifting and enabling those who protect us!

Mission: Provide sustained superior mentorship and support to our nations Heroes

Vision: individualized support experiences for first responders, active military, veterans and their families.


It was such an honor to attend this event. Jimmy and John were so incredibly generous, encouraging, supportive, and enlightening on so many levels!

As not only a “SEAL spouse”, but also Gold Star Family member after loss of my brothers in 2015 and 17, I will forever feel grateful for this experience , for the friends met spending time torching wood with , and the service given and continued by Jimmy and family / etc. which he shared with us on a brief but deep and inspiring level ever so graciously. His speech from home front and outlook on and commitment to family was so inspiring, and also very emotional to me as I looked around and reflected on the beautiful and cherished shadow boxes given to my family which he inevitably handcrafted just a few years prior.. and got to “pour” my heart into for my husband who has been facing / pulling us through previously unthinkable hardships in the recent few months!!

Thank you again (to all involved) for such an awesome experience! It was such a great time, the best “moms day out” with our 4 toddlers left behind I could have ever dreamt of! I am all about constructive criticisms, but truly don’t have a thing to recommend to change this particular event , which is the only one I have ever attended (12+ yrs) .

The community most certainly would (and should) be grateful for Jimmy and family’s continued outreach, support and never ending service to this community !!

*Wanted to cry, but didn’t!*

Thank you again!!